I’m Mik, a music composer and the founder of MyRelaxation.Online portal. Welcome!

This project started as a personal collection of relaxing music to help me cope with the stress of running my other business and the pressure of every day life challenges. I’m sure you can relate!

I teamed up with some of the best relaxation music composers, sound designers, and voice actors to bring you a superior collections of relaxation music and meditations! Much of our content is exclusive and can’t be found elsewhere.

My goal is to help you relax, fight stress, and enjoy life, not struggle through it.

Even though we often can’t change the circumstances of our life, we certainly can change how we feel about it!

Feel free to explore what the portal has to offer. Please note that some content is only available to paid members, as we rely on paid memberships to maintain this site and to create new content. If you ever decide to upgrade, I would really appreciate that. But no pressure, take your time!

Once again, welcome to MyRelaxation.Online! Create free account, relax, and live a better life.

Yours truly,

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