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News And Updates

September 2023

Streaming: New rain sounds collection added under De-Stress->Rain Drops with 12 new high quality rain sounds.

Streaming: New baby lullabies added under Relax->Sleep.

Streaming: New “De-Stress” category added.

Streaming: 8D music moved to the “De-Stress” category.

August 2023

Streaming: Nicola Tesla healing frequencies (333, 639, and 999 Hz) and Angel frequencies (111 – 444 Hz) added under Healing.

Streaming: 10 planet frequencies (8 major planets + Pluto and the Moon) added under Healing.

June 2023

Streaming: 8D music section was added under Focus -> 8D Music with 19 new 8D music and sound tracks.

Streaming: 20 new meditation chants added under Meditate -> Meditation Chants

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