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  • For Personal Use
    Listen to expertly selected meditative music, sounds, and guided meditations to relax, meditate, and reduce stress.
  • For Commercial Use
    Stream meditation music in your place of business or while providing services to clients (spa, yoga, retreat, and so on).

Why listen to relaxing music?

Meditation music helps people to achieve relaxed meditative state, thanks to calming sounds and mesmerizing feel. If you are a wellness trainer or meditation coach, it will help your clients to appreciate your services even more!

  • Best meditation music
    All music and sounds are vetted by the advisory board of wellness and meditation experts.
  • Not a radio
    You have total control of what music or sounds to play. No interruptions, no commercial breaks or ads.
  • Works on any device
    Stream our meditation music on any device and operating system with a browser and internet connection.

Streaming mediation music in your business?

Stream hundreds of expertly vetted meditative music tracks and sounds online. Use in your spa, wellness, reiki, meditation coaching, or holistic healing business. Choose from many genres and playlist of meditative zen music, including Indian mantra chants, ambient new age, healing 432Hz music, and relaxing acoustic instrumentals.

No additional licenses required. All our music is cleared for public broadcast and commercial use.

Download meditation music

Going offline? Download relaxing meditation music for personal or commercial use.

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