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Hate subscriptions? Buy lifetime access – pay once and enjoy perpetual membership with no recurring fees, ever (limited time offer).
* includes commercial use (streaming during paid meditation classes, coaching sessions, and so on).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lifetime membership?

A lifetime membership grants you access to our platform, content, and features without a subscription or any recurring payments. You only need to pay once.

Lifetime membership will instantly give you access to all our new content, as soon as it becomes available. That is, you will have access (or substantial discount) to all new products in our download shop, as well as new sounds added to our streaming library.

Can I try your service risk free?

Yes, absolutely! Feel free to browse our online shop and download free products to see what we have to offer. For the streaming library create free account to see what’s inside.

Can I upgrade my current plan to a lifetime membership?

Yes, you can upgrade your current plan to a lifetime membership at any time. The remaining value of your existing subscription will be deducted from the lifetime membership fee.

Are there any hidden fees or future charges for lifetime members?

No, there are no hidden fees or upcoming recurring charges. However, depending on your plan (Ultimate vs. Value vs. Relax) you may need to pay a portion of the product cost in the digital shop. The Ultimate plan covers 100% of the cost, so you can download any product free of charge.

Can I use your content (music, sounds, written or printable) for business?

All digital products download with the “Professional / Business” pricing option can be used commercially. See each product’s page for examples of allowed and disallowed commercial use.

Can I get a refund for lifetime membership purchase?

Yes. You can request refund within 7 days of purchasing your lifetime membership. Please note that the value of the digital products downloaded during the first 7 days of the membership will be deducted from the refund amount. Please see our refund policy for details.

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