A Friend In Stress (5 Minute Meditation Script)

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Word count: 550
Approx. read time: 5 Min

Learn how to ease the stress with this guided meditation script. This script was written by a professional meditation coach (not generated by AI) who teaches you how to tackle stress by pretending you’re helping a friend in need.

Pretending to help a friend can be an effective strategy to ease stress by shifting your perspective and gaining a sense of control.

Remember, while pretending to help a friend can provide stress relief in the short run, it's essential to address the underlying causes of stress and seek long-term solutions.

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Here's a snippet from this stress relief meditation script:

A Friend In Stress Meditation

If you have ever felt lost in stress, then you know how difficult it is to shake this feeling.

Luckily, when you combine desire with dedication, amazing changes in your life occur. Daily meditation is simple, yet powerful.

Get into a very comfortable position and allow your eyes to gently close…

There are many meditative techniques that give you back the reins, allowing you to take control of your emotions, instead of letting your emotions control you… Mindfulness through meditation helps you become better acquainted with yourself, and your emotions...

Right now, you are calm and feeling very safe of comfort… No one needs you, this is time you have dedicated to yourself... You are completely relaxed and are able to make great changes without much effort... You are now being guided by your relaxation…


It’s amazing how our feelings come and go, like waves on the ocean shore…

We all know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling relaxed, so it is just the same as there’s nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable… These are only sensations that you are experiencing… Sensations that come and go… come and go…

Now, gently bring into your awareness the feeling of stress... and notice how and where any sensations of discomfort arise…

Be with this feeling, as if you are with a friend who is very upset about something that happened to them…

Be there for your discomfort, as if you are consoling this dear friend who has tears in their eyes…

Join with your stress as if you are meeting up...

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