Addiction Recovery Healing Meditation Script (Free)

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 1200
Approx. read time: 20 Min

Download free healing meditation script for addiction recovery in PDF format. You can use this script free for personal mediation or healing exercise.

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Here's a snippet from the script:

Addiction Recovery Healing Meditation Script (1200 Words / 20+ Min)

Addiction comes in many forms, and although it is different for everyone; it is also difficult for everyone.

Let us begin by taking 5 big deep breaths together. Breathing in, expanding your belly as wide as you can, and exhaling any tension in your body. Breathe in relaxation, and exhale judgment (5 breaths together).

Now, take another deep breath and listen closely to this very important message.

Even though hypnosis and meditation are powerful tools in overcoming challenges and facilitating change, it is up to you to help yourself and ask others for help during this powerful process. It will be up to you to set a schedule, keep your rehabilitation on track, mark your milestones and maintain sobriety.

So, let’s begin…

Find a very comfortable position and make sure you will not be disturbed.

It is critical to know the root cause of your addiction, so, as you breathe and relax, your conscious mind will let go even further and the subconscious mind will be allowed to fully receive these positive affirmations. Breathing…

I will overcome addiction safely. Breathing…

I will work slowly toward this wonderful change. Breathing…

I take my time and have compassion during hard times. Breathing…

It's easy for me to always keep the goal of recovery from addiction in my thoughts throughout the day. Breathing…

I know that I have the power and the love within my heart to break free from this addiction and become who I truly am. Breathing…

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