Reiki Healing Music (Incl. 1 Hour, 432Hz, 8D)

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Available audio format(s): MP3, WAV
Total time: 1:25:20

Healing Reiki music with relaxing, positive energy zen feel for personal relaxation or commercial business use during a Reiki healing session (please choose the appropriate pricing option from the menu).

You can download and use this relaxing Reiki music for personal enjoyment or to support your business, such as meditation practice, healing therapy, or yoga studio.

We have included the long 1 hour version, as well as 432 Hz tuned and 8D versions for the best effect. Please note that the 1 hour version is only available in MP3 format (320 Kbps, the best possible quality for MP3 files).

About Reiki music and its healing effects

Reiki music is often used in conjunction with Reiki therapy, a form of alternative healing that originated in Japan.

Reiki is a practice that involves a therapist channeling energy into a patient through touch, and it is believed to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and healing.

Reiki practitioners often use music as a way to enhance the healing experience for both the therapist and the recipient.

Reiki music is specifically composed or selected to create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere during a Reiki session.

The music is designed to help create a peaceful and meditative environment that allows the recipient to relax, focus, and open themselves up to the healing energy being channeled by the Reiki practitioner.


Reiki music, like other forms of complementary and alternative therapies, is intended to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being. While some individuals may find it beneficial and experience positive effects from listening to Reiki music, its efficacy in addressing specific physical or mental health issues may vary from person to person.

Reiki music is not a substitute for professional medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment. It is essential to consult with qualified healthcare professionals for any health concerns or conditions you may have. Reiki music should be used as a complementary practice and should not replace medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Included files

Personal use

  • 1. Reiki Healing Music (1 Hour) (MP3 146.59 MB)
  • 2. Reiki Healing Music (7:09) (MP3 16.43 MB)
  • 3. Reiki Healing Music 432 Hz (7:09) (MP3 16.43 MB)
  • 4. Reiki Healing Music 8D (7:09) (MP3 16.47 MB)

Professional / Business use

  • 1. Reiki Healing Music (1 Hour) (MP3 146.59 MB)
  • 2. Reiki Healing Music (7:09) (WAV 72.15 MB)
  • 3. Reiki Healing Music 432 Hz (7:09) (WAV 72.15 MB)
  • 4. Reiki Healing Music 8D (7:09) (WAV 72.34 MB)

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