Breathe Away Your Anxious Thoughts (Meditation Script)

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Document format: PDF
Word count: 580
Approx. read time: 5 Min

Download guided meditation script for anxiety in PDF format. This script was created by a professional mindfulness therapist and it guides you gently through a breathing meditation exercise aimed to reduce anxiety from uneasy thoughts.

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The recorded guided meditations typically work even better when accompanied by some relaxing meditation music.

Here's a snippet from the script:

Breathe Away Your Anxious Thoughts Guided Meditation Script (580 Words / 5-7 Min)

Welcome to this meditation to relieve depression and anxious thoughts.

Make sure you are in a comfortable position and you will not be disturbed for the duration of this session.

Bring your focus to your breath, and really pay attention to how your lungs expand and contract when you inhale and exhale. Let your breath flow however it wants to right now.

Notice your jaw, and if you feel any tension here, just notice it, don’t try to change anything.

Now breathe into the sensations in your jaw, and as you exhale, allow it to release a little.

Inhale again, imagine that you are breathing in new life, and when you exhale, let all fears completely fade.

Take another breath in, and when you exhale, feel yourself and let go of any worries.

Notice how relaxed you are becoming right now.

Let another breath come in naturally imagining a bright future, and as you let it go, notice how depression eases and fades.

A gentle wave of relaxation sweeps over you as you breathe in and out.

Allow your breath to flow naturally now, let yourself feel calm and peaceful. You deserve this wonderful feeling of serenity.

You are open now to receive new thoughts, and you open up even more with each breath you take to new and fresh energy.

Notice how new ideas begin to present themselves to you.

Bring up feelings of abundance, as if you have so much that your cup pours over for others to enjoy the abundance you have created.

Read more about the purpose and benefits of guided meditation.

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  • 1. Breate Away Your Anxious Thoughts Guided Meditation Script (PDF 84.39 KB)

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  • 1. Breate Away Your Anxious Thoughts Guided Meditation Script (PDF 84.39 KB)

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