Deep Sleep Meditation (30 Min Script)

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Document format: PDF
Word count: 2400
Approx. read time: 30 Min

Long 30 min deep sleep guide meditation script to help you relax your body and enjoy rejuvenating nighttime rest. This script was written by a professional mindfulness therapist who will walk you through a series of progressive body relaxation and breathing exercises.

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If you're making your own guided meditations, consider adding some relaxing meditation music.

Longer meditation sessions help to promote relaxation and calm the mind, which creates favorable conditions for achieving a deep sleep state.

The effects of meditation on sleep may not be immediate. It takes time and consistent practice to observe noticeable improvements in sleep quality.

We always recommend incorporating meditation as part of a bedtime routine, along with maintaining other healthy sleep practices.

Here's a snippet from this guided deep sleep meditation:

Deep Sleep Meditation (30 Min)

Welcome, I am going to guide you down into a restful and rejuvenating deep sleep.

Sleep is a powerful experience that we all have, no matter who we are.

Sleep allows our bodies to heal and our minds to sort through any problems, so that we can create our future.

Hypnosis and meditation are wonderful ways for us to access a slower brain frequency state that is similar to when we are sleeping. This allows for the creative brain to activate and begin the process of manifesting your desires.

Are you ready to go into a very relaxing state to allow yourself the deep sleep every night that you deserve?

Find a small spot to gaze at somewhere comfortably in front of you. Focus on this spot and do not let your eyes turn away. As you look here, I am going to ask you to blink your eyes with every number I count, starting with the number 10.

Ok… 10… blink your eyes… 9… blink… 8… blink… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… and zero… your eyes are ready to gently close so just allow them to, and you will notice when you do so a gentle wave of relaxation sweeps over you completely.

Is getting a well-rested night’s sleep important for you? Extremely. Sleep is our rest state, and awake is the activated state. We must have a good flow going between resting, and activating… rest and activating… rest and activating… it is then that we achieve any goal we set forth.

We are going to do a very relaxing body scan now to fully relax your body.

Begin to focus on your right palm…Relax your right palm and hand… relax each finger, one by one… relax your right wrist… your forearm… your elbow… relax your right bicep and entire upper arms… relax your right shoulder and down to your right hip, relaxing it too… you relax your right leg all the way down to your right ankle and foot… Each tow on your right foot slowly let go completely… bring your awareness up now the right side of your neck, relaxing it… allow any sounds you hear to feel like tiny waves of relaxation going into your right ear… the entire right side of your head fully relaxes… Your right brain relaxes, allowing creativity to be fully accessible… Your entire right side is fully calm and relaxed… Sleep is easy for you when you feel this relaxed...

Learn more about the purpose and benefits of guided meditation.

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