Detect Stress By Examining Your Emotions (Guided Meditation Script)

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Word count: 1190
Approx. read time: 20 Min

20 minutes guided meditation script to help you detect stress by examining your body and emotions. This meditation script was written by the professional meditation coach and who will guide you through a series of mind exercises.

Unfortunately, many people may not realize they are experiencing stress until they have already reached a state of chronic stress or burnout.

By detecting stress early, you can take steps to manage stress before it becomes chronic or leads to more severe health problems.

It is important to detect stress even if we're not feeling stressed because stress can have a cumulative effect on our physical and mental health over time.

This guided mediation may work even better when accompanied by relaxing music.

Learn about 5 tips to help you succeed with meditation for stress and anxiety.

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Here's a snippet from this meditation script:

Detect Stress By Examining Your Emotions (20 Min Guided Meditation Script)

Hello, and welcome to this session focusing on when we have low amounts of stress…

We all get stressed daily but sometimes, we aren’t even aware that we are stressed. Stress doesn’t have to be a thought or even a reaction… it could be sitting somewhere in your body, lingering as long as you are unaware of it…

Think about a time when you were worried… did this worry also make you feel tired…? That’s because every time we are worried, we have a low level of stress present, and what causes stress is not worrying but our reaction to worry…

You must observe your feelings and thoughts of worry, taking a step back to bring space between you (the observer) and the unconscious. (Mind + body)... This is also known as becoming a witness of your thoughts.

[Pause for 7 seconds]

Let’s step away now from our thoughts and worries by just becoming aware of our bodies... Feel how the air around you hugs the shape of your body... Notice how you can willingly activate all of your senses, hear all the sounds around you… Hear your own breath… when you breathe a little bit deeper, can you smell anything…? You can even imagine you smell something, and your mind can create the thought of it for you… imagine the smell of vanilla… can you remember how it smells?

Good, now notice your fingertips and feel what they are touching and feeling right now… and become aware of your feet… notice how the soles of your feet feel right now…


Now, just become aware of your entire body right now… Feeling different areas…

Becoming aware of your body through focusing takes you out of your thoughts, so use this technique when worry, or light stress rises in your mind...

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