Meditate After Being Cheated On (Written Meditation Script)

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Document format: PDF
Word count: 370
Approx. read time: 5 Min

5 min healing / recovery guided meditation script (PDF) to help you if you were cheated on or treated unfairly in your relationship. This meditation was written by a professional mindfulness therapist and it helps you recover after traumatic personal stress.

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Will meditation help you recover after you were cheated on?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the effect of meditating after being cheated on will vary depending on the individual.

However, some potential benefits of meditation in this situation may include helping the individual to process and release any negative emotions associated with the experience, to develop a greater sense of self-awareness and understanding, and to find inner peace and calm.

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Here's a snippet from this recovery meditation script:

Meditate After Being Cheated On

You’ve just been cheated on, now what do you do?

Well, first of all, take a big deep breath in and know that you will get through this.

Breathing is the first step in combatting stress, anytime you are faced with a difficult situation, take 3 big deep breaths.

So, breathe in deeply, and say to yourself, “I get through this.”

Breathe in and out, “I am strong.”

Breathing in and out again, “I move on with my life.”

As you breathe, feel these words as if they are the purest truth, even though you may not feel this way right now.

Breathe in deeply, “I do not fight with my partner.”

Breathing in and out, “I look forward and towards solutions.”


Know that things fall apart so that things ...

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  • 1. Meditation After Being Cheated On (Written Meditation Script) (PDF 84.11 KB)

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