Foundations Of Mindfulness, Part 2: Breath

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In this part 2 of our mini series “Foundations Of Mindfulness”, you’ll find an easy to follow breathing exercise meditation script that will teach you the basics of mindfulness. This script was created by a professional meditation coach who will lead you through every step of this mindfulness breathing exercise. Great for beginners!

Mindful breathing is a fundamental practice for learning about mindfulness.

It helps by grounding your attention in the present moment, training your focus, and promoting non-judgmental awareness of your experiences.

Through this practice, you develop essential mindfulness skills that can be applied to various aspects of your life, fostering greater presence and self-compassion.

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Make sure to check the 1st part in this series: Foundations Of Mindfulness, Part 1: Body

Consider using some relaxing meditation music while practicing positivity meditation.

Here's a snippet from this mindful breathing meditation:

Foundations Of Mindfulness, Part 2: Breath (10 Min)

The peaceful state of meditation happens when we interrupt our train of thought and gently bring ourselves back to the present moment consciously and continually.

Bring awareness to the breath.

Getting in a comfortable position, sitting or lying down, take 3 deep and strong breaths.

One, breathe fully in... and let it go.

Two, inhale fully and exhale fully.

Three, take one more deep breath in and exhale slowly.


Focus on your belly, you don't have to do anything special or concentrate hard on it, just observe your belly rising and falling. Allow for your entire body to fully relax. Consciously make your belly expand and rise with each inhale… and fall with each exhale.

Notice how easy it is to focus on your breath while you move your belly. A thought may come and take your focus away and that's fine, just bring your awareness back to your belly gently and without judgment.

(Wait for 10 Seconds)

Remember the goal is not to keep yourself without thought, you only need to bring yourself back to the present moment of focus on your breath as soon as you notice a thought has taken your attention.

So, thoughts are essential here. Noticing them is what brings you into the present moment.

Keep bringing yourself back to the belly, make it rise...and fall... Inhale belly out… exhale belly in...

Put your focus on your chest now, watch it rise with each inhale...and fall with each exhale. Feel your rib cage expanding easily when you breathe in and get smaller with each breath you take
Thoughts may come… it's ok, just bring yourself back to the breath...

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