Amplify Your Strengths (Guided Meditation Script)

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Document format: PDF
Word count: 400
Approx. read time: 5 Min

Download guided meditation script for affirmation of your best qualities and strengths. This script was created by a professional mindfulness therapist and helps with identifying and nurturing your natural gifts.

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Here's a snippet from this great guided meditation:

Amplify Your Strengths Guided Meditation Affirmation

Hello and welcome to this meditation to access your natural gifts.

Make sure you will not be disturbed and get into a very comfortable position.

Take a full deep breath in, and as you do say to yourself, “I am talented,” and exhale feeling relaxation flow over you. Inhale another nice deep breath and say, “I have natural gifts,” and exhale feeling so very relaxed. Once more, breathe in deeply and say, “My gifts guide me to fulfill my purpose,” and let the breath go, feeling even more relaxed than you did before.

As you bask in this relaxation you have generated, begin to visualize yourself having already attained a goal you are passionate about. See yourself clearly moving about and feeling proud of this accomplishment. Add in as much detail as you can, making this visual vivid and powerful.

Now, witness the skills that you have used in attaining this goal. What kinds of talents do you have that push you towards achievement? Clearly see yourself talented in all the ways you desire to be. This is your life, so you can do anything you put your mind to when utilizing your individual gifts.

Let’s start identifying your special gifts by zoning in on your inner genius.

Hear yourself saying these affirmations:

“I have many talents...

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  • 1. Aplify Your Strengths Guided Meditation Script For Affirmation (PDF 84.55 KB)

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