Foundations Of Mindfulness, Part 3: Walking

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In this part 3 of our mini series “Foundations Of Mindfulness”, you’ll learn about one of the easiest ways to practice meditation – while you’re walking. This script was created by a professional meditation coach who will teach you how to bring your attention to the sensation of walking. Recommended for beginners!

Mindful walking, also known as walking meditation, is a practice that involves bringing mindfulness and awareness to the act of walking.

Just like traditional seated meditation, mindful walking aims to cultivate a sense of presence and calm.

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Make sure to check the 1st part in this series: Foundations Of Mindfulness, Part 1: Body

Consider using some relaxing meditation music while practicing positivity meditation.

Here's a snippet from this mindful walking meditation:

Foundations Of Mindfulness, Part 3: Walking (5 Min)

Meditation can be practiced at any time, but one of the easiest times to meditate is when you are walking.

You can do walking meditation whether you are going on a half-day hike, or even if you are only going from room to room in your home. The key to mindful walking is bringing your focus back on the sensations of walking whenever you notice your thoughts have strayed elsewhere.

When you take steps, really feel the bottoms of your feet on the floor. Label your steps in your mind as “left foot, right foot”. You can say these words out loud or you can think them in your mind.

Labeling your steps is a good way to notice if you have lost track of mindful walking because you become aware that you are no longer saying to yourself “right foot, left foot” then you are able to return to your meditation.

As you walk, simply say, “Left, right,” and continue for as long as you wish. This is mindful walking.

Another technique you can practice while walking is noticing your clothing moving on your body as you take each step.

Walk, and feel how your clothes touch against your skin. When you lose concentration on the fabrics moving, return your focus here, noticing only the sensations of your clothing during this walking meditation.

Another way to meditate while walking is hearing your footsteps, paying close attention to the quality of the sounds your feet make when they contact the ground. Focus intently on how different the noises are as the surface below your feet changes from room to room, or when you are walking through town...

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