Meditation Script For Profound Grounding

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 870
Approx. read time: 15 Min

Meditation script for grounding (15 min) in PDF and MS Word formats aimed to help you connect with the Earth’s positive and calming energy. This script was created by the professional mindfulness therapist and includes easy-to-follow breathing, visualization, and affirmation exercises.

Grounding meditation, also known as earthing meditation, is a practice designed to help individuals connect with the Earth's energy and establish a sense of stability and balance.

Many people find grounding practice a valuable way to reconnect with nature, promote relaxation, and foster a sense of inner peace and balance.

Here's a snippet from the script:

Meditation Script For Profound Grounding

Welcome to this grounding meditation. Today, you focus on connecting to mother earth below.

So, make sure you are in a very comfortable position, in a place where you can fully enjoy your time. It is best if you have your feet planted on the floor without shoes or socks for this grounding session but if you would rather lie down with your feet elevated, that is fine, too.

First, become aware of your breath and when you do so you might take a nice deep breath in. Breathing in as much as you can and when you exhale feel your body relaxed.

If you haven't already, allow your eyes to close.

And let's become aware of the bottoms of your feet as well as the tips of your toes.

Your feet have been taking you to so many places over the years and they deserve to fully relax and let go. So, allow relaxation to amplify in your feet by simply placing your awareness on them. Breathe deeply feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Put all of your attention on the soles of your feet.

Imagine that this is what connects you to mother earth.

Each step you take has made a difference in your life and moved you through hard times as well as achievements.

Breathe in deeply and send your feet love and respect for everywhere they have taken you…


Now, imagine the earth below you supporting your every move…


The ground is your place of connection and no matter how high up you go or how long your feet are elevated, you always become grounded once again.


Become aware of the ground below you wherever it may be and know that it is a source of pure connection to all there is...

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