Morning Meditation – Rise And Shine With A Smile (10 Min)

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Word count: 780
Approx. read time: 10 Min

Relaxing morning meditation to help you start the day filled with positive energy. This meditation script was written by the professional meditation coach and will guide you through a series of 10 min of visualization exercises.

Morning meditation helps to set the tone for the day and to promote a positive and productive mindset.

By taking just 10 minutes to meditate in the morning, you are giving yourself an opportunity to slow down, breathe deeply, and connect with your inner self.

This helps you feel more grounded and centered, and better equipped to face the challenges and opportunities of the day ahead.

By starting your day with a positive meditation practice, you are training your mind to be more present and focused, which can help you stay more engaged and productive in your work and relationships.

Overall, morning meditation is a powerful tool for filling your day with positive energy.

Practice daily and approach each day with greater clarity, focus, and optimism!

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Consider using along with relaxing nature morning sounds, like a soft waterfall, soft breeze, or morning birds songs.

Here's a snippet from this guided meditation script:

Rise And Shine With A Smile (10 Min Morning Meditation)

It’s time to rise and shine with a smile 😊

As you drift and float from sleep to wake, I want you to relax in your bed and don’t worry about getting up right now, just let my voice flow and soothe you for the next little bit.

Keep your body in a comfy and cozy position and remain still for the time being.

If you can, think back to the dreams you were just having.

Our dreams are powerful learning tools that help us sort through problems and alert us of things we need to work on.

Remember every detail of your dreams right now, and allow things to come up in your mind from those dreams that could be very important messages for your waking life.

So, what were you just dreaming about?

Can you imagine that you’re dreaming again right now?

What you are doing right now is actively dreaming, which will allow you to take information from the unconscious world to your conscious mind.
So, just dream and float.

Float and dream.

Learn things you need to learn.

See things you need to see.


I am going to count from 1 to 10 and with each number I say, you are going to allow your dreams to blend with a picture in your mind of what you want your day ahead to look like.

1… how do you see your day playing out?

2… and what were you just dreaming about?

3… what do you want to make happen today?

4… and see your day as productive...

Learn more about the purpose and benefits of guided meditation.

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