Powerful 5 Min Breathing Meditation (Script)

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 370
Approx. read time: 5 Min

Download powerful 5 min breathing meditation script to help you relax. This script was written by a professional meditation coach (not generated by AI) who guides you through this simple to follow breathing exercise.

A short, 5-minute breathing meditation can significantly reduce stress and enhance focus by rapidly calming the mind and body.

This brief practice helps to reset your emotional state, promote relaxation and mental clarity in a condensed time period.

This meditation an effective tool for busy schedules!

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Here's a snippet from this 5 min powerful breathing relaxation meditation script:

Powerful 5 Min Breathing Meditation (Script)

Welcome to this 5-minute breathing meditation …

Make sure you're in a comfortable position, and all of your clothes are loose around the waist to allow for easy breathing … you may close your eyes if you wish…

Begin to draw in a long and slow deep breath… and hold it at the top for just a moment … then release…


Breathe in deeply and slowly once again … hold it and let it go…


The breath is a powerful tool for relaxation that we all have access to at any moment in our life … so really allow yourself to be relaxed by the breath … imagine that you are breathing in peace and calmness… inhaling … and when you breathe out, the diaphragm relaxes and so do you ….

Breathe in tranquility … hold It… and breathe out relaxing…

Keep your focus on your breath… breathing in deeply… and breathe out into relaxation

by maintaining concentration on the breath even when your thoughts stray, you are practicing the art of meditation … It's perfectly fine if you have interruptive thoughts coming in … as soon as you notice, just return your thoughts to the breath… breathing in that peace and breathing out into relaxation...


Now, we are going to count as we breathe… on the in-breath, you count one, and on the out-breath… you count two… On the next in-breath, it will be 3, and when you breathe out, 4 … I will guide you …go ahead breathe in deeply, 1 … and breathe out, 2… breathe in, 3… breathing out, 4… breathing in, 5… breathing out, 6…. breathe in, 7… and breathe out, 8… one more time, breathe in, 9 and breathe out, 10...

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