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Word count: 930
Approx. read time: 15 Min

15 min relaxation hypnosis guided meditation script to help you achieve the perfect relaxation state. This script was written by a professional meditation therapist who will teach you how to start self-hypnosis with a simple breathing technique.

Self-hypnosis can be a powerful technique for inducing relaxation and reducing stress.

During self-hypnosis, you enter a focused and deeply relaxed state, similar to a meditative state, where the conscious mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions and affirmations.

This process allows you to release physical tension, calm the mind, and let go of stressful thoughts and worries.

Through self-hypnosis, you can access your subconscious mind, reframe negative thought patterns, and replace them with calming and positive imagery, ultimately promoting a profound sense of relaxation and inner peace.

If you only starting, it is recommended to practice self-hypnosis sunder the guidance of a trained professional, either via a live session or guided meditation.

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If you're making your own guided meditations, consider adding some relaxing meditation music.

Here's a snippet from this guided sleep meditation:

Relaxation Hypnosis (15 Min)

Welcome to this relaxing hypnosis, today all you need to do is relax … so get into a nice comfortable position and take a nice breath in… when you breathe out, close your eyes … and begin to think to have a goal that you want to achieve, it can be anything: a goal towards your health or a goal towards your career, it can be a long-term goal or a short-term goal …

As you imagine this goal, feel how it feels as if you have attained it…

Now, let's relax even deeper, you may place your hand on your belly or your chest so that you can feel your breath, breathe in and notice your hand rising, and when you breathe out feel your hand dipping back down …

Breathe, make your hand rise, and breathe out, feeling calm…

Take a deep breath in … feel the gentle breath slowly rising and falling your hand… you breathe in your chest expands … and you breathe out and your body contracts gently and slowly…

Breathe in slowly… and breathe out slowly and relaxed…

Feeling the relaxation that is brought with each breath… feel how relaxed you are… comfortable… no one will disturb you… you can let go completely… receiving the gift of relaxation…

Notice the flow of the breath as you drift along with it…

Feel your muscle softening … softening even more… your body is basking in softness …so relax … and outside of your body, and you can feel the atmosphere … the air that continues far beyond your body is vast and it has no edges… surrounding you. There's nothing to measure; it is just space…

Notice the temperature with your exposed skin… flowing along drifting even more into a nice deep state of relaxation…

And now, I will count down from 10 and by the time I reached number 1… you will be at the perfect relaxation for you today … that's right the perfect relaxation … ready… 10 … drifting down.

9 … making your way closer to that perfect relaxation...

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