Safe Place (Meditation To Ease Pain)

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 1100
Approx. read time: 20 Min

20 min minute pain meditation script. This script was written by the experienced mindfulness coach who will guide you through a series of mental exercises aimed at shifting your attention away from the pain.

Visualizing a safe place can be a powerful tool for coping with pain by engaging your mind in a positive and calming experience.

Mentally immerse yourself in the imagined safe place and see the focus shifting away from the intensity of pain.

This visualization triggers a relaxation response, reducing stress, anxiety, and the perception of pain, ultimately creating a mental sanctuary that provides comfort and distraction during moments of discomfort.

Regular practice of this mindfulness meditation technique can contribute to improved pain management and overall well-being.

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Here's a snippet from this pain meditation script:

Safe Place (Meditation To Ease Pain)

Welcome to this guided meditation session to create a safe place for you.

Chronic pain can be very hard to handle, but many times when we create a mental image of our suffering, we tend to aggravate this pain, thus increasing it. Then every time we feel this sensation, we will have a negative thought attached to it on a conscious and subconscious level.

So, what this meditation will teach you are techniques to change the mental image that has been created from this pain, and instead implement a peaceful association with pleasant visualizations that create a warmer bonding between you and your body’s sensations.

This allows you to accept and allow instead of fight and push away.

Make sure you are in a very comfortable position. Sit down, or lie down if that feels good for you, however you need to position yourself so that none of your muscles are activated or tense.

Every part of your body can rest and feel completely relaxed during this meditation.

Begin by taking 5 deep breaths to relax even more.

1. Fully breathe in and let it go.
2. Fully inhale… and exhale.
3. Breathe in as much as you can… and let it go, feeling a wave of relaxation come over you.
4. Inhale deeply and exhale, feeling invigorated.
5. The last one, fully inhale… and exhale, feeling any tension loosen up and your body feeling extremely relaxed.


And just allow your breath to slow and flow naturally now, don’t try to change anything about it. Just notice the calmness that these 5 breaths gifted you. Notice how your body breathes without you doing anything at all...


Pain meditation and mindfulness practices can be helpful complements to medical treatment, but if you are experiencing pain, it is essential to seek professional medical help and follow the guidance of healthcare experts for proper diagnosis and treatment. This meditation script should not be considered a substitute for medical care.

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