Self-Compassion Meditation For Social Anxiety

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Word count: 990
Approx. read time: 15 Min

Guided meditation script to help you deal with social anxiety. This script was written by the professional meditation coach who teaches you how to ease anxiety with self-compassion.

Social anxiety is often characterized by intense fear, nervousness, or self-consciousness in social situations.

People with social anxiety may experience extreme anxiety or discomfort when interacting with others or being in social situations, such as public speaking, meeting new people, attending social gatherings, or participating in group activities.

Meditation, and in particular self-compassion meditation, can be very helpful in managing social anxiety.

It will help you to increase self-awareness, reduce self-criticism, and improve emotional regulation and self-confidence.

When practiced regularly, you will learn to navigate social situations with greater ease and confidence.

This mediation may work even better when accompanied by relaxing music.

Learn about 5 tips to help you succeed with meditation for stress and anxiety.

Here's a snippet from the script:

Self-Compassion Meditation For Social Anxiety

Hello and welcome.

This meditation is designed for people who experience social anxiety. I am delighted to guide you on this wonderfully relaxing experience to learn and grow.

Get into a very comfortable position and make sure you will not be disturbed for the duration of this session. Take one big deep breath in, and relax further into your position.

It is important to note that people who have high self-compassion experience less social anxiety. Self-compassion isn’t only useful in social situations, but can be practiced at any time, especially when experiencing social anxiety or shame.

Let’s become aware of your breathing for a moment. You may have taken a breath as soon as your focus went here, but try not to alter your breathing pattern. Simply watch how it moves in and out of your body, gently expanding and contracting your belly and lungs at the same time.

Continue focusing your attention on your breath, noticing the details of breathing, such as the feeling of the air coming into your nose versus going out of your nose. The more you focus on your breath the more relaxed and calm you become.


Let’s relax even further by becoming aware of your body now… and feel a gentle wave of relaxation sweeping over you… Notice how your body feels when you pay attention and really feel this wave of relaxation you deserve to feel... This makes you even more relaxed, calm, and clear.

Allow your arms to fall to either side of you in whatever way is comfortable and become aware of how light your arms feel. When you become aware of a lightness in your arms, they fill with gentle relaxation. This relaxation grows, the more you concentrate on it. Now focus only on your hands feeling everything about your hands, notice the texture of what they are touching. Let a relaxing feeling of warmth begin to grow in your hands, noticing the more you focus on this warmth, the more it grows...

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