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Document format: PDF
Word count: 730
Approx. read time: 10 Min

Download guided meditation script for relaxation in PDF format. This script was created by a professional mindfulness and healing hypnosis therapist and helps with daily calming and relaxation practice.

You can use this script to create your own guided meditation audio / video for commercial use and for sale. Please choose the "Professional / Business" pricing option from the menu.

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Here's a snippet from this great guided meditation:

Daily Calming Guided Meditation For Relaxation (10 Min)

Every day it is important to calm the nervous system and the body. This is a daily meditation for you to just get calm.

Please sit down in a place where you can have your back straight and upright. We are going to be more alert during this meditation.

Sitting down with your hands in your lap. Notice your hands and how they make contact with your legs. Note the heaviness of your arms and hands. Perhaps any warmth you feel as well. Very good.

Now if your eyes are closed, please open them. And look around your surroundings without moving your head. Just moving the eyes. To the left, looking up. To the right. Looking down. And begin to look at different things in your surroundings.

Notice how when you look at something. You know what it is, you label it. Table. Chair. Wall. Door window.

Or perhaps you're outside. Tree. Grass. Birds. What do you see around you? Now pay attention to the color green. Can you see...

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  • 1. Daily Calming Guided Meditation Script For Relaxation (PDF 87.52 KB)

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