Build Sexual Confidence Meditation Script

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Word count: 1500
Approx. read time: 15 Min

Meditation script to help you build your sexual confidence. This script was written by a professional mindfulness coach (not generated by AI) who will walk you through a series of relaxation and body scan exercises.

Relaxing body scan meditation can help you build sexual confidence by promoting greater body awareness and reducing anxiety.

Through regular meditation practice, you can learn to notice and release tension in different parts of your body, leading to a deeper sense of relaxation and comfort within your own skin.

The increased bodily awareness can enhance sensitivity and pleasure during sexual activities.

Furthermore, body scan meditations help to cultivate a non-judgmental attitude towards your body, hence reducing self-criticism and body image issues, which are common barriers to sexual confidence.

Here's a snippet from this mindful sexual confidence meditation script:

I am so happy to have the opportunity to guide you.

So, let's begin…

Your desire is to feel sexually confident. You wish to feel excited and enjoy expressing your sexuality. You will turn feelings of lacking sexual confidence into feelings of excitement and pleasure. You are pleased to have romantic encounters and feel good in your body when expressing your sexuality. You do all these things because you love and accept your body and all of your sexual desires.

Say to yourself now, “I intend to fully enjoy my body and sexuality, so much so that it excites me to be sexual, and any feelings of lacking confidence or doubt only turn into excitement and intimacy. Before, after, and while I am having a sexual encounter, I am confident in my body.”

It would be delightful to allow yourself the relaxation that’s needed for you to change things in your life that you desire. So, get into a very comfortable position and make sure you will not be disturbed.

It’s easy to relax, even though you might not get the chance to often. So, let’s take 5 deep breaths together to oxygenate all of our body’s systems to start.

[Body Scan Induction]

Begin by slowly blinking your eyes, and with each number I say, blink once. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Allow your eyes to gently close, and when you do this you feel a wave of relaxation sweep over you. Now, I’d like for you to focus on the sensations at the top of your head. Just notice how the very top of your head feels.

And now let your focus move down to your eyes. Just notice how your eyes feel and ask them to relax even more. The little movement in your eyes is called rapid eye movement and is completely normal. These small eye movements allow you to feel calm. Notice how the back of your head feels against the surface that it is touching. How heavy does your head feel right now?

Let your focus move to your nose, and feel the slight sensations of the air moving in and out with your breath. When you breathe in, imagine that you are being filled with calmness, and when you breathe out, imagine your body feels heavy and deeply relaxed. Very good.

Now, focus on your ears. Notice how they feel, and what they hear around you. Try to hear every single noise. When sounds come into your ears they act as little waves of relaxation taking you even deeper. Notice the sound of my voice and how soothing and motherly it is. From ...

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