Today Is A GREAT Day (Meditation Script)

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 1100
Approx. read time: 20 Min

Positive meditation script (PDF, Word) to help you set your new day for success. This script was written by the experienced mindfulness coach (not generated by A.I) who will walk you through a series of easy to follow relaxation and positive affirmation exercises.

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Starting your day with positive affirmation meditation is like laying a foundation of strength and clarity for all your upcoming activities.

It sets a tone of self-assurance and purpose for the day ahead, equipping you with a mindset geared towards success.

By affirming your capabilities and intentions first thing in the morning, you effectively program your mind to recognize and seize opportunities, navigate challenges with resilience, and maintain a positive outlook regardless of circumstances.

This practice not only boosts your mood and energy levels but also enhances your focus and productivity, paving the way for a day marked by achievement and fulfillment.

Consider using this script while streaming some relaxing or uplifting music.

Here's a snippet from this positive meditation script:

Today Is A GREAT Day (Meditation Script) 20 Min

Today is a great day. Let's meditate on this truth.

Find your favorite meditation position and close your eyes.

Place your left hand on your left knee and your right hand on your right knee.

If this is not comfortable for you, you can just have your hands by your sides, it's ok.

Notice the warmth of your hand making contact with your knee.

Feel your arms resting by your sides.

See if you can straighten your back a little bit more, holding yourself with dignity. You are an amazing person.

Know that every moment of meditation is increasing your confidence. You feel better about yourself the more you meditate. It is a great way to reflect.

Now, you know that today is a great day, so let's imagine some things that you are going to do.

Notice some people you talk to in your mind, see the conversations going positively.

Notice how you are making good decisions today.

See yourself making powerful decisions regarding your health and wellness.

Perhaps today is a great day because you got to exercise come over you will exercise soon. It feels good to move the body.

What else are you doing today that makes it so great?

Perhaps you are eating good food.

Maybe what makes today great is that you get to hang out with your loved ones.

Could be that today is so great because you get to spend it alone, some of us value our alone time.


Very good.

Let's do some affirmations together. When I say an affirmation, repeat it back to me twice...

Learn how to make affirmations work.

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