Undoing Stress And Anxiety (14-Day Course) Meditation Scripts

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Download the 14-day program of meditation scripts aimed at relieving stress and anxiety. All script were written by the professional meditation coach (not generated by AI) and focus on a range of different relaxation and mindfulness technique.

The Professional version includes both the PDF and Word file formats for simplified editing and comes with lifetime royalty free license, so you can use these scripts to create commercial video / audio or use it during paid classes or meditation sessions.

This bundle contains 14 meditation scripts, each for one day of the program.

What are the advantages of following a program, as opposed to using random scripts?

a) Each day brings a new script, ensuring your meditation practice remains fresh and engaging.

b) With a new practice each day for two weeks, you will establish a habit of mindfulness that can transform your mental landscape and equip you with tools to maintain calm in any situation.

Here's a snippet from day 1 session that walks you through a simple breathing exercise:

Undoing Stress And Anxiety, Day 1 (Script)

Welcome to the 14-day mediation series to ease stress and anxiety. Let’s begin!

Find yourself in a meditative position. This simply means sitting with your spine straight and your head gently aligned with the body.

I will guide you through a simple breathing technique to practice when you are feeling anxious. You will naturally combine breathing with opening and closing your eyes.

Go ahead and take a nice deep breath in and have your eyes open as you inhale. Then, when you breathe out, let your eyes fall shut along with the exhale.

When you breathe in, open your eyes again, and when you breathe out close your eyes. Continue this method of reducing anxiety on your own.

(Long pause)

Notice how every time you open your eyes with the breath your anxiety seems to diminish…


And every time you breathe out, your body relaxes more and more when the eyes close…

(Long pause)

One last time, breathing in and opening the eyes, but this time when you breathe out, close your eyes and keep them that way…


You are so very relaxed already, with a great awareness that anxiety is simply overthinking about some future scenario, and sometimes an outcome that is likely to never happen…

An anxious thought has no real basis in the present moment… for here and now you are meditating, feeling nice and peaceful… breathing…

(Long pause)

Breathing in and out now as your eyes are closed and your body is resting… that's a really nice relaxation you have right now, so enjoy it to the fullest...

(Long pause)

Now, let’s return to the first practice, as you inhale, open your eyes once again…

While breathing out, close them...

Guided meditations work even better when accompanied by relaxing meditation music.

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