9 Sessions On Mindfulness (Meditation Scripts)

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Download a collection of 9 short mindfulness sessions meditation scripts. The scripts were written by a professional meditation coach, not generated by A.I., and will help you understand the four foundations of mindfulness via 9 simple sessions.

This collection includes the following 9 short mindfulness sessions:

1. Awareness of Sensations of the Body

2. Worldly Pleasant and Worldly Unpleasant Feelings

3. Unworldly Pleasant Feelings and Unworldly Unpleasant Feelings

4. Awareness of the State of the Mind

5. Awareness of Distractions

6. Controlling the Scattered Mind

7. Clinging: Awareness of the 5 forms of self

8. Realization of Interconnectedness

9. Meditation on the 4 Noble Truths

The Professional version includes both the PDF and Word file formats for simplified editing and comes with lifetime COMMERCIAL royalty free license, so you can use these scripts to create commercial video / audio or read it to your clients during paid meditation sessions.

Here's a snippet from the first mindfulness meditation script:

9 Sessions On Mindfulness (Meditation Scripts)

Welcome to this meditation for awareness of your bodily sensations, also what we call our feelings.

In your traditional meditation position, allow yourself to gain awareness of your ability to feel. There are so many different sensations that we can become mindful of. Let’s focus on the subtle ones as well as the not-so-subtle ones.

What can you notice in your body that is uncomfortable? Allow this sensation, understand that it’s a feeling that is expressing itself from within your bodily form. You have a knowing that these are uncomfortable sensations, and they are happening, just as they do for everyone. Is this unpleasant sensation forthright or is it subtle? Notice the quality of the not-so-pleasant sensations, how are they presenting themselves?

Allowing, understanding, and relaxing.

Noticing the moment of clarity after relaxation.

Bringing that moment of purity back to the uncomfortable feelings, observing them with a smile.

Now, bring awareness to the feelings of pleasantness presenting themselves and see if you can locate and really feel exactly where these areas are, and what the quality of them is like. Allow pleasant feelings to dance within these places in you, simply observing them, and understanding that they are sensations that please you. Are these feelings of pleasure forthright and obvious in how they are presenting themselves, or are they slight and subtle? Notice the quality of the comfortable feelings, how do they behave within your body?

Allowing, understanding, and relaxing.

Feeling that moment of clarity after relaxation.

Bringing that moment of purity back to the pleasant feelings and sensations, observing them with an act of wholesomeness, and a smile.

Notice the neutral feelings that are present right now within your body. These are sensations...

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