Financial Abundance Affirmations

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Word count: 600
Approx. read time: 10 Min

Download a powerful financial abundance affirmations meditation script (PDF). Financial abundance affirmations are a type of meditation that involve repeating positive statements about money, wealth, and success.

This practice is meant to help people manifest financial abundance in their lives. Benefits of financial abundance affirmations include:

1. Improved mindset: Financial abundance affirmations can help to shift an individual’s mindset from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality. Instead of worrying about money, these affirmations can focus on attracting financial abundance and success.

2. Increased self-confidence: By repeating positive statements about money and wealth, individuals can start to feel more confident in themselves and their ability to manifest the financial abundance they desire.

3. Improved focus: Financial abundance affirmations can help to keep individuals focused on their goals and can help to keep them motivated when times get tough.

4. Improved attitude: These affirmations can help to open individuals up to new opportunities and can help to improve their attitude towards money and success.

5. Improved decision-making: Repeating positive statements about money can help individuals to make better financial decisions and can help them to avoid unnecessary risks.

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Here's a snippet from this abundance affirmations meditation script:

Financial Abundance Affirmations (Meditation Script)

Hello and welcome to this financial abundance meditation.

Each of us naturally wants to grow financially, becoming abundant. So, it is instinctive for you to strive to be financially independent and satisfied with your ability to make a great income.

Humans love to strive to become successful. Personal success leads to happiness. All you need to do is accept abundance and allow it to come to you. Cultivate the feeling of abundance and see yourself as having already achieved abundance. See yourself celebrating your success.

Let me guide you in relaxing your mind and body so you are able to accept the positive suggestions concerning finances I am about to tell you. By fully relaxing and letting go of any tension, we are putting ourselves in a state of creation where we can attract anything that we desire.

This state is where brilliant ideas and the greatest achievements arise. Also, the more relaxed you allow yourself to become, the stronger your dreams come into reality. When your dreams approach, all you have to do is accept them.

I'm going to count down from 5 to 1 and with each number that I say, breathe in and breathe out slowly, and with each full breath, you will become more and more relaxed.

5...take a nice full breath in… and as you exhale, feel yourself getting just a little bit more comfortable.

4... full breath in and as you exhale, you feel your muscles relax and all the tension loosen.

3... inhale smoothly and slowly...

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