Experience Forgiveness (Metta Meditation Script)

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Document format: PDF, Word
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Metta / loving kindness meditation script (PDF, Word) to help you experience forgiveness. This script was written by a professional mindfulness coach (not generated by AI) who will guide you through a set of simple visualization exercises.

These type of meditation techniques focus on cultivating feelings of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness toward oneself and others.

Forgiveness meditation can be a powerful tool for letting go of past hurts, resentments, and negative emotions.

Forgiveness meditation can be a profound practice for promoting forgiveness, healing, and emotional well-being.

It helps in letting go of grudges, cultivating empathy, and developing a more positive and compassionate outlook on life.

Regular practice can lead to greater inner peace and improved relationships with others.

Here's a snippet from this loving kindness guided meditation script:

Experience Forgiveness (Metta Meditation)

It would be delightful to allow yourself the relaxation that’s needed in order for you to change things in your life that you desire. And complete relaxation is impossible when you hold grudges.

Sometimes, it’s hard to even imagine forgiving those who have wronged you. But this is a necessary step in the progression of personal achievement.

So, let’s begin by saying, “I’m ready to take the steps necessary toward becoming the best version of myself.”

Take a deep breath in… and let it go, and close your eyes, allowing yourself to relax…

It may seem daunting to forgive people, and instances of your past that hurt you. But it's actually very easy and doable.

Imagine a young child holding a glass of milk; their small hands couldn’t quite grasp the cup fully and the milk spills on the floor, breaking the glass. This upsets you because milk is expensive, and the cup was a family heirloom. Say that this upsets you very much, and you show your anger, and you hold a small grudge against this child for breaking the glass.

Now, when you give the child a glass of milk, you will not trust him to hold it, and anxiety will become present in the child because they do not feel trusted, and anxiety will also build in you because you fear more things will be broken or spilled.

Then, the child may actually become more likely to drop things because that is the image you are manifesting of them. You will also harbor anxiety because you were unable to let go of this incident and it will be a recurring thought each time, they need to use a cup.

Now, imagine again that same child holding a glass of milk; their small hands quiver and they drop the cup, breaking it and spilling milk everywhere. But this time instead, you are not upset in the slightest and forgive them.

The child runs to grab you a broom and a towel to clean up the mess. They are helping you fix the mishap. They sense in you kindness and they learn how to take action when something goes wrong. When they feel guilty about the circumstance, their ability to help is halted...

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