Grow Positiveness (Meditation Script)

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 560
Approx. read time: 7 Min

Download guided meditation script (PDF, Word) to help you grow positive outlook on life. This script was created by a professional mindfulness therapist and using a simple metaphor to teach you how to get rid of negative thinking.

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Consider using some relaxing meditation music while practising this meditation.

Practising positive meditation can be likened to gardening.

Just as a gardener removes weeds from the soil to allow flowers and vegetables to grow healthy and strong, positive meditation helps in uprooting negative thoughts from the mind, making room for positive, nourishing ideas to flourish.

In this metaphorical garden, regular meditation cultivates the soil of the mind, ensuring it's fertile and ready for positive seeds to take root.

Over time, just as a well-tended garden blossoms, a mind nurtured with positive meditation grows vibrant with optimism, resilience, and clarity, transforming the landscape of your inner world into a serene and flourishing haven.

Here's a snippet from this positive meditation:

Grow Positiveness (Meditation Script) (7 Min)

Greetings, this meditation guides you towards living in a state of positiveness much more often than you can imagine.

Find yourself in a comfortable seated position… take your time to settle in your space... breathe a few relaxing breaths to begin your meditation… Today’s exercise is a great way to attain a better mood, releasing negativity and bad vibes… It is best if you allow your eyes to close…

Now, it’s time to focus your mind on positive thinking… to do this, focus on your breath… it is the vital energy at your fingertips that can instantly pull you out of a crappy mood…

If you can focus on the rhythm of your breath, you can achieve anything… notice the sound of the breath coming in and out… feel how it moves your body… pay attention to its rhythm…observe its flow…

Keep in mind that positivity is not something you have to look for… it is something that is inside of you… always… yet for some, it is hidden under a surface made up of worries, schedules, and social masks...

Find the optimistic view within even the gloomy days…

Breathe in deeply now, and find the perfect union of your body and soul… allow for a balanced and serene mood to cultivate within you…

Imagine that your mood is like the soil… it must be prepared and cared for in order to grow beautiful flowers… you can control your mood or it will control you…
This is the day to learn how to witness your mood by taking a step back from it… then you have a better perspective to see what thoughts you want to nourish in your garden…

Thoughts affect our mood, so imagine now that each thought is represented by a living plant in your garden… the optimistic thoughts represent beautiful flowers of all kinds… and the pessimistic thoughts are represented by weeds…

Notice now, what does your garden currently look like?

How many flowers versus weeds are growing versus how many weeds...

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