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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 530
Approx. read time: 5 Min

Short, 5 min guided meditation script for healing anxiety (session 1 out of 6). This script was created by a professional meditation coach who gently guides you through a series of breathing and visualization exercises aimed to reduce anxiety by taking control of your mind. Free download for personal use.

This is the 1st session in the 6 sessions healing meditation series. Buy all 6 sessions and save over 50%

Taking control of your mind is an important step in reducing anxiety because anxiety is often fueled by negative and unhelpful thoughts that can spiral out of control.

By taking control of your mind, you can learn to manage these thoughts and reduce their impact on your emotions and behavior.

Guided meditations work even better when accompanied by some relaxing meditation music.

Here's a snippet from the script:

Healing Anxiety 5 Min Meditation Script (Session 1 Of 6)

Welcome to session 1 of letting go of the anxiety that is holding you back from being your best self.

Please find a very comfortable position in a place where you will not be disturbed and close your eyes.

Begin to breathe in very slowly and deeply focusing on the sound of your breath as it comes in and out through the nose.

As you breathe slowly and deeply, notice how these breaths make you feel when you focus only on the air coming in and out.

Now, draw your awareness to the thoughts … What kinds of things are flowing in and out of the mind…?

Become aware of how thoughts come and go … just exactly like your breath … fresh oxygen comes in the lungs, and old air exits ... new thoughts come into the mind, and old thoughts leave the mind …

Tune into the beauty of this natural flow …


Notice how every breath you take seems to relax you more and more …


And as you return your awareness to the thoughts in the mind, can you notice which thoughts are recurring…? What things come into the mind and return again over and over?


Perhaps the more that you notice the repetitive thoughts, the more that they tend to disappear.


As you notice these repetitive thoughts, begin to label them as helpful or unhelpful …

Which thoughts do you want to continue thinking … and which thoughts do you want to let go of …


Thoughts come into the mind automatically … just as the breath comes into the body automatically … you have the ability to breathe deeply as soon as you think about it … just as you have the ability to think thoughts you want to think, even though thinking happens automatically...

Read more about the purpose and benefits of guided meditation.

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