Love Meditation To Attract Relationship (With 639 Hz Music)

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10 min guided meditation to help you find love and attract your perfect partner. This meditation was written and recorded by a professional mindfulness therapist who will guide you through an easy to follow breathing and visualization exercises. The meditation is accompanied by the 639 Hz healing music thought to be helpful for bringing about a sense of harmony and balance in personal relationships.

Guided meditation for love, when combined with 639Hz music, creates a harmonious and powerful tool for attracting relationships and finding the perfect partner.

This specific frequency is believed to enhance connection and communication, making it an ideal complement to meditations focused on love and relationships.

The 639Hz frequency is associated with the activation and balancing of the Heart Chakra, which is central to emotional and relational healing.

This can increase your capacity to give and receive love and foster deeper connections and attracting more meaningful relationships.

The combination of guided meditation and 639Hz music can facilitate the healing of past emotional wounds and resentments, which might be blocking your path to new relationships.

By clearing these emotional blockages, you can open yourselve up to the possibility of love and connection without being held back by past traumas.

Learn more about the purpose of guided meditation practice.

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  • 1. Love Meditation To Attract Relationship (With 639 Hz Music) (MP3 22.96 MB)

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  • 1. Love Meditation To Attract Relationship (With 639 Hz Music) (MP3 22.96 MB)
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  • 3. Love Meditation To Attract Relationship (Voice Only) (WAV 99.92 MB)
  • 4. Connect With Harmony 639 Hz Music (10 Min) (MP3 23.09 MB)

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