Manifest Your Dream House And Life (Meditation Script)

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Document format: PDF
Word count: 1350
Approx. read time: 20 Min

Download a powerful affirmation meditation script that helps you focus on positive life changes, like moving into a dream house. This script was created by a professional mindfulness coach and will guide you through a series of breathing exercises and affirmations aimed at visualizing and manifesting your ideal life.

Affirmation meditation and visualization can be a valuable tool for individuals looking to manifest positive changes in their lives.

Meditation will help by improving focus and clarity, increasing self-awareness, enhancing creative thinking and problem-solving skills, reducing stress and improving well-being, and increasing motivation and determination.

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Consider using along with some relaxing meditation music.

Learn more about how you can make affirmations work.

Here's a snippet from this guided meditation script:

Manifest Your Dream House And Life (Guided Meditation)

Begin by taking some deep breaths, and as you do, pay close attention to how your belly and chest expand as you inhale, and contract as you exhale.

Breathing in, expanding, and breathing out contracting. Focus on expanding your belly first, then your chest. Breathing in expanding and breathing out contracting. On the next breath in, gaze forward, not looking anywhere in particular, and when you exhale, gently close your eyes, and again as you inhale, open your eyes and look forward, and when you exhale, allow your eyes to close and keep them closed.


Now, just let your breath flow naturally.

Notice now how your thoughts are rising in your mind, one after the other.

See them come, and see them go…. Some thoughts linger for some time, and some thoughts only come for a split second... If you can really focus, you will notice even smaller thoughts, such as describing the world around you or labeling the sounds in your surroundings.

Let your hearing become super alert now, and try to focus on some sounds around you… Maybe you can hear the sound of your breath… Can you hear nature nearby…? Or perhaps cars passing by… or people talking with each other…? You should just go from sound to sound, focusing on only one at a time…

Ok, stop focusing on any sound in particular and just allow all of the noises around you to come in equally, and when you hear them, they almost act as tiny waves of relaxation...

Learn more about the purpose and benefits of guided meditation.

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  • 1. Manifest Your Dream House And Life (Meditation Script) (PDF 97.23 KB)

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