Meditation For Easing Anger

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 900
Approx. read time: 15 Min

Anger meditation script (PDF, Word) to help you mater the techniques required for dealing with anger. This meditation script was written by the professional mindfulness therapist (not generated by the AI) and will guide you through a series of easy to follow mental exercises, involving gratitude and managing your expectations.

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Meditation for anger management helps by increasing self-awareness, enabling you to recognize and understand the triggers and bodily sensations associated with anger.

This awareness fosters emotional regulation, allowing for more mindful responses rather than reactive outbursts.

Not to mention that meditation also promotes relaxation and stress reduction, which can decrease the frequency and intensity of angry feelings.

Over time, regular meditation practice can lead to long-term improvements in mood stability, empathy, and interpersonal relationships, making it an effective tool for managing and reducing anger.

Here's a snippet from this anger management meditation script:

Meditation For Easing Anger (15 Min)

Hello and welcome to this meditation for overcoming the feeling of anger.

When we are presented with times of anger, it is helpful to have some techniques on hand to practice the skills to get through these moments with ease … if not tended to and observed properly, anger can overcome us and affect those we know and love…

So, get into a very comfortable position and allow your breath to become the focus of your attention… notice the qualities of breathing in and out such as the expansion of your lungs and the fall of your belly … you can even notice the feeling of the air coming through your nose and out of your mouth…
breathing in expanding and breathing out contracting …follow the breath and notice how it is keeping you alive…in and out, in and out…


Now, quiet the focus on your breath and close your eyes… find a stillness where you can tune into the beating of your heart …


Notice the gentle rhythm of the pumping and the rhythm of your heartbeat…


Now, become aware of the sounds around you such as my voice or the music …

Allow each sound to take you even deeper into a state of nice calm relaxation...


Effortlessly letting the outside world fade away… focusing on the sound of my soothing voice guiding you along into the relaxation that you deserve today...


Anger is something that is a distracting reaction that is covering up a softer emotion that you could be missing because the feeling of frustration is masking it.


Know that what consumes your mind is what ends up controlling your life...

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