Mindfully Clear Your Thoughts (Meditation Script)

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Word count: 500
Approx. read time: 10 Min

Mindful meditation script to help you feel clear your thoughts and bring you back to the present moment. This script was created by a professional meditation coach (not generated by AI) who will guide you through a series of simple breathing and mind exercises.

Clearing your head from unwanted thoughts through mindful meditation involves cultivating a non-judgmental awareness of your thoughts and gently redirecting your focus.

Remember that the goal of mindful meditation isn't necessarily to eliminate all thoughts, but to change your relationship with them. Instead of trying to forcefully clear your mind, you're learning to observe thoughts without becoming attached or reactive to them.

Through patient practice, you'll develop greater mental clarity and the ability to let go of unwanted thought patterns.

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Consider using some relaxing meditation music while practicing positivity meditation.

Here's a snippet from this short mindfulness meditation exercise:

Mindfully Clear Your Thoughts (Meditation Script)

Welcome to this mindful session to help clear your thoughts, bringing you fully into the present moment.

There is no such thing as perfection in mindfulness, so as I guide you, feel free to experience whatever comes to you naturally. There is no right or wrong way to be mindful.

Make sure you are positioned somewhere that is quiet, where you will not be disturbed… you deserve this time to yourself, so get really comfortable, letting your whole body be supported by the surface below you…

Let’s begin by taking 5 deep and powerful breaths together…

1… breathe in as best you can possibly do so… and breathe out.

2… inhale slowly and deeply… and exhale.

3… breathe in with passion… breathe out into relaxation.

4… inhale as full as your lungs will expand… and exhale feeling good…

And 5… breathe in… then when you breathe out, allow your breath to return to a natural automatic flow…

Watch the breath as it slows down… notice how your body feels after these 5 powerful breaths…


Now, let’s begin to clear our thinking by watching the mind… noticing the things you are thinking about… see how images carrying sounds and feelings pass through your awareness…


You really can’t think two things at once, but notice how your mind moves very quickly from one thought to thought...

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