Quick Body Scan To Dial Down Pain

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Word count: 430
Approx. read time: 5 Min

Short 5 minute body scan meditation script to help you deal with pain. This script was written by the experienced mindfulness coach, not generated by AI.

Quick body scan meditation helps dial down pain by shifting focused attention away from the pain to different body parts, triggering the relaxation response.

This mindfulness practice encourages acceptance of sensations without judgment, reducing stress, anxiety, and muscle tension associated with pain.

Body scan meditation a practical and accessible tool for managing pain offering you a sense of control and relaxation even in brief sessions.

Regular practice will help you to improve your pain coping skills and overall well-being.

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Consider using this script along with relaxing meditation music.

Here's a snippet from this pain meditation script:

Quick Body Scan To Dial Down Pain (Meditation Script)

Welcome, I am delighted to guide you on this muscle relaxation session… you deserve to ease your pain through the powerful technique presented.

Make sure you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything, find somewhere you like to relax and get into a comfortable position… you may close your eyes to maximize your relaxation…

Take a deep breath to center yourself to become focused on your body… follow the breath in and out… now let the breath slow down a little bit… calm and relaxed…

Begin to focus on your toes… Let all of your awareness centers on each of your toes individually. Notice any sensations you are having here on your toes and bring about relaxation here…

Now, slowly draw your awareness to the entire feet, the arches, the heels, and the tops of the feet.

Let all of your awareness now focus on the ankles as well as the shins and calves.

Now, taking your focus up to the knees, carry relaxation with your awareness… concentrate only on the area around your knees, feeling your body relaxing as you do this focused concentration.

Draw your attention up to your thighs, relaxing them as well.

Placing your attention on your hips and pelvis, notice any sensations you're having here.

Now, up to your belly and abdomen. Relaxing this area simply by placing your focus on it.

Up to your rib cage, notice how your ribs are slowly and gently expanding and contracting with the breath.

Perhaps if you become still enough, you can even feel your heart beating. Allow yourself to become so relaxed...


Pain meditation and mindfulness practices can be helpful complements to medical treatment, but if you are experiencing pain, it is essential to seek professional medical help and follow the guidance of healthcare experts for proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. This meditation script should not be considered a substitute for medical care.

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