Quit Smoking (Deep Hypnosis Script)

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Deep hypnosis meditation script to help you quit smoking for good. This script was written by the professional meditation coach and will help you commit to giving up the cigarettes.

Deep hypnosis meditation helps with quitting smoking by addressing the psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction.

During a deep meditative state, you will be more open to suggestion, making it conducive to introducing positive affirmations and visualizations aimed at breaking the smoking habit.

This practice will help you to re-frame your relationship with the cigarettes, promote a stronger commitment to quitting, and diminish cravings by altering subconscious patterns associated with the addiction.

However, it's recommended to practice hypnosis with the guidance of a qualified professional experienced in both meditation and hypnotherapy for effective and safe results.

Consider listening to some relaxing meditation music while practicing this hypnosis meditation.

Here's a snippet from this deep hypnosis meditation script:

Quit Smoking (Deep Hypnosis Script)

Hello, I am so delighted to guide you towards these wonderful goals.

Quitting smoking and hitting the gym to lift weights regularly will change your life and bring the massive amounts of physical and mental energy your way.

Before beginning your smoking cessation program, there are a few preparations that you should do. First, dispose of any smoking paraphernalia such as cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, and matches. Even though you may have other uses for lighters and matches such as lighting candles, it is important that you get new ones for these non-smoking purposes, and destroy the ones that you used for smoking.

The reason for this is that each time you use the same lighter that you used for smoking, you are sending yourself subconscious triggers, reminding you that it is time to use the same lighter you use for smoking, possibly causing you cravings. So, throw these lighters away and don’t look back.
Now, go remove any smoking paraphernalia from your home and your car, cleaning these areas as you do so with a warm rag and some cleaning solution – making the commitment to quitting right now.

Welcome back.

You have decided to quit smoking and the way you are going to quit smoking is to simply relax. That's right, you're going to slow down… relax… and just let everything go... So, take this time that you have chosen for yourself to feel totally at ease… you have no place to be right now… and nothing else to do... So, just let everything go... And take this time that you've chosen to be here to become completely relaxed.

Let’s begin our relaxation with some active breathing to oxygenate all of our systems.

Breathing is the most important and natural thing in the world, yet we tend to forget about it throughout our days, and sometimes even for years.
Let’s honor our breath now, and how it brings us into the present moment so that we can relax...

Take 5 significant and purposeful breaths.

1. Fully inhale… expanding your belly and chest as much as you can. Holding it for a moment...

And exhale… feeling a wave of relaxation sweep over you…

2. Inhale… filling your entire breathing system with fresh oxygen. Hold it…

And exhale… the wave of relaxation gently sweeping over you...

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