Relaxing Meditation For Older Kids

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 600
Approx. read time: 10 Min

10 min relaxing meditation session for older kids (script PDF, Word) to help kids harness the power of childhood creativity to visualize their future success. This meditation script was written by an experienced mindfulness therapist, not generated by A.I.

Relaxing meditation can help older kids in harnessing the power of childhood creativity to visualize their future success by creating a conducive mental space.

Through meditation, kids can reduce stress and distractions, allowing them to focus on positive visualizations of their goals and achievements.

This practice enhances their ability to imagine success, instills confidence, and fosters a positive mindset about their future endeavors.

By incorporating relaxation techniques into their routine, older kids can tap into their creativity and build a foundation for envisioning and working towards their envisioned success.

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Here's a snippet from this relaxation for kids meditation script:

Relaxing Meditation For Older Kids

Hi and welcome to this relaxing session. If you find that you are ready to get comfortable and ignore the outside world, then get rid of any distractions and get into a relaxing position… close your eyes…

Remembering what you did today… just letting the memories come and go… how your morning went… then afternoon… where did you go and what did you do…? See how your thoughts are just coming through your mind and then leaving… perhaps you can remember the sounds... people chattering… the movement of the world around you… they all flow in and out of your awareness…

Noticing them… then noticing more…

This is the nature of the mind… but we have the unique ability of focused attention…

Bring your focus to the space in between your eyebrows…

What do you notice here on your forehead?


Now, focus your attention on only your palms…

Pay attention to all sensations in the hands… moisture… dryness, coolness, or warmth…


Patiently wait without expecting anything to happen for any sensations to appear in the palms of your hands…


Remember being a young child and the magic of creative belief was so powerful, especially the sense of wonder that a simple slide brought to you…


Remain childlike as you focus on your palms…


Breathe in and out… relaxing…

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