Short Break Meditation For Mom (Script)

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 260
Approx. read time: 3 Min

Short, 3 min meditation script for mom. This script was written by a professional mindfulness coach who will help you resent with a simple breathing exercise.

Breathing meditation offers quick and effective benefits for moms seeking a short break.

By focusing on intentional and rhythmic breathing, you can activate the relaxation response, reduce stress and promote a sense of calm in just a few minutes.

This practice will help you to enhance mental clarity, provide a brief respite from daily demands, and foster a rejuvenated mindset.

This short meditation is a simple and accessible tool for mothers to recharge amidst their busy schedules!

Here's a snippet from this short meditation script for moms:

Short Break Meditation For Mom (Script)

Welcome to this short reset meditation.

I am delighted to guide you through a 5-minute meditation for busy moms. This session helps you to relax, and get a few minutes solely for yourself.

Get into a nice comfortable seated position, you may close your eyes if you wish, or they can remain open…

Feel free to practice this meditation at any time, in any place… be it at work or at home, even while waiting to pick up your children.

It is best to maintain good posture by lengthening your spine, with loose clothing around the waist to allow for ample breathing. Keep your chest open, holding yourself with honor.

Begin by taking 3 deep breaths in through the nose... And breathe out through the mouth…

Breathe in deeply… and exhale…

One more breath fully in… and as you exhale, let out a sigh of relief…

Now, become aware of the flow of your breath… allow the breath to relax you…

Notice the rise and fall of your chest… feeling calm and comfortable…

Feel your body expanding and contracting with the breath… relaxing…

Thoughts may come and grab your attention, and that is perfectly fine… when you notice this, return to the gentle rhythm of your breath…

Follow the breath, without changing it… just observe it… take one minute to breathe on your own, and focus on happy thoughts…

(Pause 1 minute)


You are an amazing mother, and your child is a gift from God.

Breathe in one last deep breath knowing this truth… Exhale and open your eyes, feeling refreshed...

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