Short Meditation For Mindfulness

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 300
Approx. read time: 2 Min

Simple and short meditation script for mindfulness to help you become aware and mindful about your senses. This script was created by a professional meditation coach (not generated by AI) who will guide you through a series of simple exercises involving your senses of vision, smell, and touch.

This mindful meditation enhances sensory awareness by encouraging you to focus deliberately on your senses during the practice.

By directing attention to the present moment and bodily sensations, sounds, smells, and other sensory experiences, you become more attuned to the richness of your sensory perceptions.

Over time, this heightened awareness deepens the connection to the immediate environment and fosters a greater appreciation for the subtleties of everyday sensory experiences. This eventually will help you to cultivate a calmer mind, reduced stress, increase your focus, as well as achieve much deeper connection to the present moment.

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Consider using some relaxing meditation music while practicing positivity meditation.

Here's a snippet from this short meditation exercise:

Short Meditation For Mindfulness

Welcome to this meditation for mindfulness.

Mindfulness can be practiced at any time. Today, I will show you a few techniques and how to do so.

First, close your eyes and become mindful of your breath …

Notice the rhythm of your breath … can you notice the temperature of the air passing through the nose…?

Bring awareness to the chest rising and falling with the breath …

Take a deep breath in and notice how much you can expand your lungs … and as you breathe out, relax…

Now, let's become mindful of our bodies by noticing our hands resting on our sides …

And now, notice your feet … how do your feet feel right now? Are they cool or warm?

Now, bring your awareness to the top of your head … noticing any sensations you are having here.

Become mindful of the point of contact your body is making with the surface below…


Now, let's draw our awareness to our sense of hearing … what sounds can you hear around? Perhaps you notice the beautiful background music … are there any other sounds that you can hear?

Notice how the sounds are passing through the ears, coming and going in an endless rhythm…

Now, let's become mindful of our sense of smell...

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