Sleep Meditation For Kids – The Butterfly Nest Story

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Document format: PDF
Word count: 1060
Approx. read time: 20 Min

Download sleep meditation for kids (PDF script), a relaxing bedtime story to help children fall asleep. This script was created by a professional therapist and will help kids to relax before falling asleep.

Bedtime stories and sleep meditations can be a helpful and enjoyable way to promote better sleep and support children's development.

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Here's a snippet from this guided sleep meditation:

Sleep Meditation For Kids – The Butterfly Nest (20 Min)

Hello and welcome to this relaxing session that tells a story to make you fall asleep easily, getting a long and restful sleep...

Get into your bed and lay down on your favorite pillow… feel your head being cradled like a little baby by your pillow… it is so soft and relaxing… if you want to cover yourself with a blanket you can.

When you are cozy and warm in your bed, close your eyes softly, imagine as if your eyelids are almost like feathers that lightly touch each other. Your eyelids feel so nice to touch and close…

Breathe through your nose filling up your tummy with air…

Imagine your belly is like a balloon that first grows bigger and bigger when you breathe in and then smaller and smaller as you breathe out.

Breathing in again, the balloon of your tummy gets bigger and bigger, and as you exhale… your tummy gets smaller and smaller.

When you breathe like this, your body relaxes and gets ready to sleep and rest.

So, breathe in again, filling the balloon in your tummy as much as you can…

And breathe out… feeling so sleepy already…

Now, just relax and listen to my soothing voice as I tell you this lovely story that puts you to sleep...

Once upon a time, there was a butterfly that liked to visit new places and try new things every day, her name was...

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