Sleepy Ocean Visualization (Sleep Meditation)

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 2000
Approx. read time: 20 Min

20 min guided sleep meditation script to help you relax before you fall asleep. This script was written by the professional meditation coach who will lead you through a series of breathing and visualization exercises into the state of deep sleep.

Creating a mental image of the ocean and focusing on its calming effects, you can reduce stress and promote a deeper sense of relaxation, making it easier to fall asleep and sleep more deeply.

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Consider using this sleep meditation along with relaxing sleep music or soft nature sounds, like the sounds of ocean waves, breeze, or seagulls.

Here's a snippet from this guided sleep meditation:

Sleepy Ocean Visualization ( 20 Min Sleep Meditation)

It is going to be a really nice sleep tonight… before you fall asleep, I will take you to the most beautiful beach you’ve ever seen. This place will relax you and calm you to your very soul.

First, take a nice deep breath, getting into a very comfortable position. Rest your head upon your soft pillow and take another deep breath… relaxing into the bed, loosening all muscles.

Breathe deeply, letting your legs relax and sink into the bed… Breathe fully, letting your torso melt into the mattress… Breathing, completely let go of the muscles in your neck and shoulders, letting your head be cradled by the pillow… take one last deep and relaxing breath, as you exhale let your eyes gently close.


Relax your body even more by letting go of any areas of tension… Breathe in again slowly… release the air with a whooshing sound, like a wave crashing on the sand…

Become more and more relaxed with each breath…

Breathe in again very slowly…pause for a moment… And let it go…

Feel your body giving up all tension… becoming fully relaxed… enjoying every moment of this calm and peaceful breathing…

There is a gentle wave of relaxation flowing through your body… down and up… up and down… just like the waves of the great ocean…

It flows from the tips of your toes, through your feet, up to your ankles, and lower legs… through the knees, thighs, hips, and pelvis… the relaxation flows through your abdomen, chest, back, and shoulders… down each arm, relaxing any tension… all the way to the hands and each fingertip… it flows up your neck, relaxing you deeply… the back of your head fully relaxes, your facial muscles let go completely… and the very top of your head...

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