How To Reconnect With Your Spiritual Self (Meditation Script)

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 900
Approx. read time: 15 Min

15 minute meditation script to help you reconnect with your spiritual self under the guidance of the experienced meditation coach.

Reconnecting with your spiritual self is important for finding meaning, inner peace, and expanding consciousness.

Meditation helps in this process by providing stillness, heightened awareness, and a connection to the transcendent.

This spiritual meditation will teach you to integrate your body, mind, and spirit, allowing for self-reflection and a deeper understanding of your spiritual essence.

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Consider using along with some relaxing meditation music.

Here's a snippet from this guided spiritual meditation script to help you reconnect with your spiritual existence:

Spiritual Reconnect (15 Min Guided Meditation Script)

Hello and welcome, this meditation finds you on a very special day where you reconnect with the spiritual aspect of your existence.

Get very comfortable so that you can fully relax and let go of any outside thoughts or daily concerns… You don’t need anything from the physical or mental world to cloud your connection to spirit today…

Breathe in deeply, and as you exhale, allow your eyes to close and feel a wave of relaxation gently roll over you…


Breathe some more, so that you can really get centered… closely follow the flow of your breath…


If your mind wanders, as soon as you notice, catch it and return to the focus on your breath…



To maintain a healthy and happy life, it is crucial to care for your body, and feed your mind the inspiration and teachings it deserves. There is a third aspect that completes the triangle of life, and that is your spiritual connection.

It’s now time to look for spiritual guidance… what first comes up for you when you look towards spirituality…?


It’s time to meet your spirit guides…


There is no need to look for it further… the guide is already within you…

Perhaps you are not aware of this at the moment but you are already graced with its presence...

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