Healing Anxiety Meditation Script (Session 2 Of 6)

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 510
Approx. read time: 7 Min

7 min guided meditation script for healing anxiety (session 2 out of 6). This script was created by a professional meditation coach who teaches you how to get rid of unwanted anxious thoughts.

This is the 2nd session in the 6 sessions healing meditation series. Buy all 6 sessions and save over 50%

Getting rid of negative thinking is an important step in reducing anxiety because anxiety is often fueled by negative and unhelpful thoughts that can spiral out of control.

Learn how to manage anxious thoughts by following this healing meditation script for anxiety.

Guided meditations work even better when accompanied by some relaxing meditation music.

Here's a snippet from the script:

Healing Anxiety 7 Min Meditation Script (Session 2 Of 6)

Welcome to session 2 of letting go of anxiety through meditation. Anxiety is an unwanted thought process that can seem out of our control, but when you focus your mind and calm the body, you will find that anxiety simply vanishes.

So, please find yourself in a very comfortable position in an area where you can easily ignore the outside world … let your eyes softly close as you begin to breathe slowly and deeply …

Breathing in and out, imagine that each breath is filled with the power of relaxation …


Notice now how your belly rises when the air comes into the lungs … and falls as the air exits …

Breathing in, rising … breathing out, falling ….

Follow this gentle pattern for a few moments longer …


If you notice the mind wanders away from focusing on the gentle rise and fall of the belly, simply guide it back to the breath coming in and out and moving the body as it does so …


It is perfectly normal to have your thoughts drift away to something other than breathing … when you notice, return your focus to the belly moving up and down as you breathe softly …


Use this technique of focusing your mind on the breath when you find yourself trapped in anxious thoughts … and no matter how many times anxiety tries to take your mind away from the breath, return it over and over again to a point of focus on breathing …


You may focus on the feeling of your lungs expanding or the belly rising as we have done here … or you can center your attention on the feeling of the air coming into the nose and how it is cool when the air enters … then warmed as the air exit...

Read more about the purpose and benefits of guided meditation.

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