Healing Anxiety Meditation Script (Session 6 Of 6)

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 530
Approx. read time: 8 Min

8 min guided meditation script for healing anxiety (session 6 out of 6). This script was written by the professional meditation coach who will guide you through a powerful visualization exercise to conclude the 6 sessions program.

This is the final session in the 6 sessions healing meditation series. Buy all 6 sessions and save over 50%

This visualization meditation exercise will help with healing anxiety by providing a powerful tool for managing anxious thoughts and emotions

By consciously visualizing a calming and positive image, you will remove anxious thoughts, activate the relaxation response, build resilience, and cultivate mindfulness, all of which will help reduce anxiety symptoms and promote a state of calmness and tranquility.

Guided meditations work even better when accompanied by some relaxing meditation music.

Here's a snippet from this healing script:

Healing Anxiety Meditation Script (Session 6)

Welcome to the final meditation for letting go of anxiety. You have done very well so far. In this session, I will guide you through a powerful visualization.

Please find a very comfortable place, where you will not be disturbed and close your eyes to enhance your experience.

Take a few deep and slow breaths on your own…


Now, begin to visualize that you are driving down a long, winding country road in the middle of the night… you can see city lights glowing with warmth fading into the distance behind you… no longer able to hear the sounds of the city… all you can hear are the sounds of thousands of crickets and the occasional nighttime frog…
Travel down this country road even further until the city lights fade completely into the horizon…

After traveling deep into nature, you come to a wide and secluded glade… a perfect meadow that is big enough to allow a full, incredible view of the night sky… There is one tree in the middle of the glade with you… an old giant oak… you can see that this tree holds a city of fireflies… flickering their light for you…
Take a seat near this tree and feel the energy of life it holds under the midnight sky…

You spend a few moments enjoying the sounds of nature… nothing is around you… It’s only you and the sky…

Imagine how far away the common daily things like your job, your duties, your family and your routine are from you here…

You can feel the disconnection from all the hustle and bustle of life… and the connection with this night scene as if it were a blank canvas waiting for your color… a space where you can just chill, relax and be yourself with no need of superficiality…

Take a deep breath through the nose… smile… and exhale out of your mouth with a long deep sigh…

See the façade fade… the stress disappearing and melting away along with the chaos you left behind in the city...

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