Letting Go Of Your Worries (Meditation Script)

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Document format: PDF, Word
Word count: 1300
Approx. read time: 20 Min

Guided meditation script for letting go of your worries. This guided script was written by the professional mindfulness coach who guides you through a series of visualization and affirmation exercises.

Visualization and affirmations exercises are effective tools for letting go of worries by shifting your mindset and directing your focus in positive ways:


Visualization helps to replace worry with a more optimistic mental landscape. By vividly imagining a pleasant situation, you shift your focus away from worry and towards a more constructive mental state. This can lead to increased feelings of hope and motivation, reducing anxiety.


Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself. They can help counter negative self-talk and worries. By repeatedly affirming your ability to handle challenges or your worthiness of peace and happiness, you counteract the patterns of self-doubt and worry.

This helps reframe your thoughts and grow confidence and self-belief.

Together, these practices enable a proactive approach to managing worries. Visualization helps create a more positive future outlook, while affirmations encourage self-empowerment and a positive self-image.

This letting go mediation may work even better when accompanied by relaxing music.

The Professional version also includes the Word file format, so you can easily adapt this meditation script for your practice of your clients' needs.

Learn about 5 tips to help you succeed with meditation for stress and anxiety.

Here's a snippet from the meditation script:

Letting Go Of Your Worries (Meditation Script)

Hello, I am delighted to guide you today. Please, make yourself very comfortable so that all of your muscles can let go and relax…
You have made this time for you, to let go of negative thinking, and start living in the moment. So, gently close your eyes, and let’s begin your transformation.

Take a nice big deep breath in… and when you exhale, imagine that you can blow out some of your stress… good… breathe in deeply again… and release your worries… one more breath in, make it passionate… and exhale any negativity.
As I count down from 10, with each number, you will become more and more relaxed… opening you up to receive new information and allowing for new habits.

10… relaxing… 9… feeling calm… 8…letting go… 7…6…5…more relaxed…4…double your relaxation…3…2…so very relaxed…1…you are now a thousand times more relaxed.

Allow your mind to drift to the thought of a beautiful beach with turquoise waters. You and this beach are the same.

You notice the smell of the salty air… You are walking barefoot in white sand… It’s warm and soft under your feet.

As you walk, you leave footprints in the sand. Each footprint represents a negative word in your mind leaving your consciousness forever. Stepping… releasing these words…

Walk towards the sounds of the ocean… You can feel the sun on your skin… Perhaps you can feel a light breeze as well.

Feel the sensations in your feet on the sand… as you walk near the waves, you notice the sand under your feet gets firmer because it’s saturated with seawater. Notice how you feel as each footprint lets go of negativity… seeing them trail far behind you…

And you get to the shore where the ocean meets the sand, and you see little waves coming up and down… up and down…

And as the waves come and go, you see some things in the sand like shells, and you see a little piece of driftwood that’s the perfect size for writing in the sand...

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