Manifestation Meditation Script

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Word count: 1050
Approx. read time: 15 Min

Download manifestation meditation script to help you align yourself with the loving energy of the Universe so that you can manifest the changes you desire.

Manifestation meditation is a practice that combines mindfulness with visualization and affirmations to help bring about desired changes in your life.

The purpose of the manifestation practice is to focus your thoughts and emotions on a specific goal or outcome, so you can attract positive energy and experiences that align with that goal, and manifest it into reality.

Consider using along with some relaxing meditation music.

Learn more about how you can make affirmations work.

Here's a snippet from this guided meditation script:

Manifestation Meditation Script (15 Min)

This Manifesting Meditation will allow you to amplify your attracting power. You will align yourself with the loving energy of the Universe so that you manifest the changes you desire. This meditation is about 15 minutes long. Practice it while sitting or lying down in a comfortable, quiet space.

Make yourself completely comfortable now and make sure that you will not be disturbed.

The ability to manifest lies within every one of us. All it takes is learning simple techniques in mindfulness through things like meditation to awaken this power.

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not about completely clearing your mind. We have a mind for a reason. Meditation is training your mind to perform exactly how you intend it to, instead of allowing the mind to drag you around.

The most helpful thing that all of us have access to at any time is our breath. Our breath has been there since the moment we are born, and every day it is keeping us alive. So, by honoring our breath, when we are ready to set intentions, and create a very powerful experience: begin by setting the intention to manifest the changes we desire.

Say to yourself now, “I manifest the changes that I desire.”

Let’s honor our breath now, by taking 5 significant and dedicated breaths.

1. Fully inhale…expanding your belly and chest as much as you can. Hold it for a moment…

(Pause 3 seconds to hold)

And exhale… feeling a wave of relaxation sweep over you.

2. Inhale… filling the entire breathing system with fresh oxygen. Hold it.

And exhale… noticing again that wave of relaxation gently sweeping over you.

3. Inhale… so deeply that you are brimming with air. Take a moment at the top to soak in the life force we call oxygen.

And exhale...

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