Feel The Power Of Love (Positive Energy Scripted Meditation)

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Document format: PDF
Word count: 550
Approx. read time: 5 Min

Download scripted meditation to boost positive energy through the power of love. This script was created by a professional mindfulness coach and will guide you through a series of breathing and visualizing exercises to connect you with the power of love and gratitude.

Positive energy meditation is a practice that focuses on the cultivation of positive emotions and energy. One of the key benefits of this type of meditation is its ability to increase feelings of love and connection to oneself, others and the universe.

This is achieved by focusing on positive affirmations, visualization and breathing techniques which can shift our perspective, and open our hearts to the abundance of love and positivity that surrounds us.

This powerful scripted meditation will help you to tap into the power of love by fostering positive emotions, increasing feelings of well-being and compassion and reduce stress, which can improve relationships, and enhance the ability to give and receive love.

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Here's a snippet from this guided meditation script:

Feel The Power Of Love (Scripted Meditation)

Hello and welcome to this session to feel the power of love… Love is all around you, but it also comes from within.

Find a place where you can easily ignore the outside world for the duration of this session.

Making sure you will not be disturbed, please get into a very comfortable position… gently closing your eyes at any time…

Take a nice deep breath in and allow all of your muscles to let go…

Breathe in deeply… notice how your body expands... and breathe out… falling deeper into relaxation…

Inhale as much as you can, filled with air… and exhale any tension or stress…

On the next inhale, bring into your mind someone you love… it could be a friend, a pet, or a loved one… Imagine this person with clarity now, and notice in your body where you feel any sensations of love…

Breathe in deeply… notice the quality of the changes in your body when you think of this individual… where do you feel love rise in your body?


Do you feel love in your heart and chest? Or maybe you feel love in your abdomen like you just ate your favorite food…? Whatever you are feeling, accept it… and let it expand…


Imagining that this loved one is supporting you, feel the sensations of love grow in your body, deeply relaxing you… filling you with joy…


Extend gratitude for this person right now, see yourself saying thank you to them, and with authentic emotion from deep within you… be grateful for this love you are...

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  • 1. Feel The Power Of Love (Positive Energy Scripted Meditation) (PDF 87.7 KB)

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