Meditation For Pain (Guided Meditation With 174 Hz Healing Music)

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Total time: 13:41

13 min guided meditation for pain. This meditation was written and recorded by a professional mindfulness therapist and aimed to help you relax, create a safe place, and change your perception of pain. The meditation is accompanied by the music that contains 174 Hz healing frequency. Please also read this disclaimer.

PDF script available: Safe Place (Meditation To Ease Pain)

Creating a safe mental space through meditation helps with pain management by allowing you to detach from your pain experience, reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing pain tolerance.

This approach fosters a focus on the present moment, diminishing the emotional and psychological burden of pain.

Additionally, it strengthens the mind-body connection and promotes neuroplastic changes in the brain related to pain perception and emotional regulation.

Regular meditation practice is key to developing this safe mental space, making it a powerful component of a comprehensive pain management strategy.

Learn more about the purpose of guided meditation practice.

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Disclaimer: Healing meditation, while offering potential benefits for well-being, is not a substitute for professional medical treatment. It is strongly recommended to consult with qualified healthcare professionals for advice, diagnosis, and treatment of any physical or mental illness.

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  • 1. Meditation For Pain (Guided Meditation) (MP3 31.39 MB)

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  • 1. Meditation For Pain (Guided Meditation) (MP3 31.39 MB)
  • 2. Meditation For Pain (Guided Meditation) (WAV 138.12 MB)
  • 3. Healing And Positive Energy (Voice Only) (WAV 136.43 MB)
  • 4. Foundation Frequency Music (174 Hz) (MP3 23.09 MB)

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