Motivation For Healthy Eating And Exercise (Meditation Script)

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Document format: PDF
Word count: 1280
Approx. read time: 20 Min

Download guided meditation script to promote making healthy eating choices and developing daily exercise routine. This script was created by the professional mindfulness therapist and contains a quick body scan exercise along with powerful affirmations to boost healthy habits.

You can use this script to create your own guided meditation audio / video for commercial use and for sale or use it on your meditation practice with your clients. Please choose the "Professional / Business" pricing option from the menu.

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Meditation can be a powerful tool in helping to make healthier eating choices and promoting daily exercise. By incorporating affirmations into your meditation practice, you can reprogram your mind and promote positive habits that support your health goals.

Incorporating affirmations into your meditation practice can also help to reinforce positive eating habits. For example, you can use affirmations like "I choose foods that nourish my body and support my health" or "I eat mindfully and savor every bite."

By repeating these affirmations during meditation, you can create a positive association with healthy eating and make it easier to choose nutritious foods.

In addition to affirmations, visualization can also be a powerful tool for promoting exercise. During meditation, you can visualize yourself engaging in physical activity and enjoying the benefits of movement, such as increased energy, strength, and flexibility.

Remember, by harnessing the power of your mind, you can create positive habits and beliefs that support your overall health and well-being.

Here's a snippet from this meditation script:

Motivation For Healthy Eating And Exercise (20 Min Meditation Script)

Get into a very comfortable position and make sure you will not be disturbed...

You desire to make healthy eating choices... You want to also wake up early for a morning run, so that means going to bed early.

In order to achieve these desires, you must become relaxed and then focus on what it is that you really want and need in your life. It is up to you to dedicate time every single day and make the necessary efforts towards your goals.

So say firmly to yourself, “My intent is to wake up early, getting daily exercise with ease, to better my overall health and wellbeing.”

Give yourself now, the time to breathe your very best. For most of us, we go entire days without even thinking about our breath, yet it is the very thing keeping us alive. Your breath has been there for you since the beginning, fitting to each moment exactly as it needs. The breath never asks questions and it never judges you. It simply does what is required, instantaneously.

Let’s honor our breath now, and all that it gives us, by taking 5 significant and purposeful breaths.

1… fully inhale…expanding your belly and chest as much as you can. Holding it for a moment…

And exhale…feeling a wave of relaxation sweep over you.

2… inhale…filling your entire breathing system with fresh oxygen, then hold it.

And exhale…noticing again that wave of relaxation gently sweeping over you.

3… inhale…very deeply so that you are brimming with air. Take a moment at the top to soak in the life force we call oxygen.

And exhale…noticing your body relaxing in different areas, without any effort from you.

4… fully inhale the life force, beginning to feel these breaths purifying your entire body.

Exhaling now, not having to do anything at all…just notice how you are feeling...

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