Can Meditation Help Lose Weight?

meditate to lose weight - true or false

Are you looking for a new way to kick-start your weight loss journey?

Meditation may be the answer you’re looking for! Practicing mindful eating and meditation can lead to more better eating habits and, hence, can help with weight loss.

In this post, we’ll explore how meditation can help you lose weight. Keep reading!

Losing weight while meditating? No way!

can i lose weight with meditation

Losing weight as the result of practicing meditation may sound counter intuitive.

If you’re a skeptic, we don’t blame you. After all, meditation is all about sitting still and relaxing?

How can I possibly lose any weight if I’m not exercising or moving actively?

Yes, meditation can help you lose weight even if it sounds counter intuitive.

Here’s why.

Learn mindful eating

One of the key possibilities of losing weight through meditation is mindful eating.

Mindful eating is a practice that encourages individuals to be more aware of their eating habits and experiences.

It encourages people to eat slowly and without distractions, to be aware of their hunger and fullness cues, to savor the experience of eating, and to pay attention to how their body is responding to the food they’re eating.

Mindful eating can help people to make healthier food choices and enjoy their meals more, and … surprise, surprise.. eat less!

When it comes to weight loss, mindful eating can help you become more aware of your eating habits.

This, in turn, can help your better recognize when you are actually (physically) hungry and when your are emotionally eating, so you don’t eat when you don’t need to.

Understand why you’re eating

stop eating when you are not hungry

Meditation can help you identify and address underlying issues that may be contributing to your weight gain.

Many of us use food to cope with our emotions, and meditation can help us become more aware of our emotional triggers and learn healthier ways to cope.

By identifying and addressing these issues, you can learn to manage your stress and emotions in healthier ways, leading to better overall health and weight loss.

To sum up, here are 5 top benefits of meditation if you’re looking to lose weight.

Top 5 benefits of practicing meditation for weight loss

weight loss

1. Improved Self-Esteem

Affirmation meditations can help to boost your self-esteem by helping you to focus on positive thoughts and feelings about yourself.

This can help to reduce negative thoughts and feelings that can lead to emotional eating and contribute to weight gain.

2. Increased Motivation

Meditation can help to increase your motivation to make healthy changes in your life.

By focusing on positive affirmations and visualizing your desired weight loss goals, you can create a more positive attitude towards achieving them.

3. Stress Reduction

Relaxation meditation can help you reduce stress levels which can lead to unhealthy cravings and weight gain.

4. Improved Concentration

Meditation helps to improve concentration and focus.

This will help you to stay on track with your weight loss goals and make better decisions about your diet and workout routine.

5. Improved Sleep

Meditation helps to relax your body and mind, which can lead to improved sleep.

Improved sleep can help to reduce cravings and boost metabolism, two important factors for weight loss.

Want to try a meditation now?

meditation for weight loss

You generally have two options:

a) You can listen to a recorded meditation, also known as guided meditation.

b) You can follow a meditation script. That is, a written meditation that you read to yourself.

Here’s an example of recorded guided meditation (with music):

Natural And Healthy Weight Loss Meditation

Listen to guided meditations online

If you want to try meditating following a script, here’s an example:

Natural Weight Loss (Guided Meditation Script)

Today, you will practice the art of self-love in order to lose weight naturally.

Let’s begin…

Find a cozy place to lay down where you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything for the duration of this recording. Get into a very comfortable position and allow your eyes to close at any time.

You are here today to become very relaxed, so that you break unhealthy eating habits and learn new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order to do these things, you must simply relax and then focus on what it is that you really want and need.

It is up to you to dedicate the time and make the necessary efforts towards your goals.

So, say to yourself, “I intend to relax, be accepting of life as it comes, break bad habits and create new helpful ones, and be open to learning new things, always being genuinely appreciative of my progress.”

It’s easy to relax, even though you might not get the chance to do so often. Therefore, let’s start by taking five deep breaths together to oxygenate all of our body’s systems.

Inhale, and exhale slowly… inhale, and exhale… inhale, and let it go… breathe in, and out… breathing fully in, and let the air escape.

Now, begin to breathe by slowly expanding your abdomen on the inhale, and when you exhale, just let the breath go naturally.

Breathe in and out, allow the breath to fill you with confidence.

Breathe in the feeling of confidence, and exhale, …

Download the complete meditation: Natural Weight Loss (Meditation Script)

Here’s another scripted meditation to help you control the urges for unhealthy food items: Weight Loss Self-Hypnosis

Share your own experience

Overall, meditation can be a great tool for helping you lose weight. It can reduce stress, help you become more mindful of your eating habits, and address underlying issues that may be contributing to your weight gain.

Do you have experience with losing weight through meditation? We’d love to hear about your thoughts! Post a comment