How To Legally Stream Spa Music In Your Business

streaming spa music

Playing relaxing music in spas, wellness centers, and health clubs gives the business owners a great opportunity to create a cozy ambiance for their clients.

In this post you will learn how you can legally stream the best spa music in your place of business without breaking the copyright laws.

what exactly is spa music?

In short, any music that helps your clients relax can be considered spa music.

If you’re looking for more specific examples, here are some of our favorite types of spa music:

1. Relaxing instrumental music (new age, soft jazz, chillout).

2. Classical music.

3. Meditation music (ambient and world music).

4. Nature sounds (ocean waves, birds chirping, wind, and so on).

do I need to stream music in my spa business?

Essentially, this is up to you.

However, while silence is golden, sometimes it’s just boring.

Especially if you’re sitting in the spa reception area or waiting for your massage appointment.

We firmly believe that music helps to improve your clients experience

Spa music helps to create the relaxing and peaceful zen atmosphere for your patrons.

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There are other options to help your clients feel more relaxed and at home, like scents or lights but this can be hit or miss.

Hence, simply playing or streaming some relaxing spa music is the easiest option available to you if you want to improve your clients overall experience with your business.

spa is better with music

So you’ve decided to play some spa music in your business.. Before you start streaming, here’s an important question to consider:

Are you breaking the copyright law?

Playing music in spas is very common.

Unfortunately, many business owners do not know that more often than not using most music for commercial purpose requires a special license.

As a rule of thumb, if you stream copyrighted music to support your business you need a special license

Here are some typical quick choices that may land you in hot water with copyright law:


We do not recommend radio as your primary source of spa music. Here’s why:

You still can listen to the radio for your own pleasure but using it to support your business is a different story and requires additional licensing.

Depending on the size and the location of your business you may need to purchase a “public broadcast” license from a Performance Rights Organization (PRO) in your country.

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Additionally, with radio you don’t have any control over what is being played and in what order. Not to mention that your clients will be exposed to all sorts of commercial ads and other interruptions (DJ drops, news, and so on). What a mood killer!

Spa music playlist created from your personal CD or MP3 collection

As a rule of thumb, you cannot use the consumer CDs or downloads for any commercial purpose without the explicit permission of the copyright owner.

Conventional music streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, and so on

Consumer music streaming services have millions of songs and may look great as your first choice for spa music.

However, as with the radio, their terms of service do NOT cover commercial use, so you can only stream the music for your own personal entertainment and not for your clients.

How can i legally stream spa music in my place of business?

We generally recommend a dedicated spa music streaming service that takes care or all additional licensing required to stream the music for business purpose.

Once of the biggest advantages of such service is that you don’t need to worry about any licenses.

The subscription fee will cover all the licenses you need to legally stream or broadcast the music in your place of business.

Spa music streaming service

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Don’t like or can’t use the online streaming option?

Download relaxing spa music with lifetime commercial license:

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Download more relaxing music and sounds for your business or stream unlimited spa music with full commercial license (no additional licensing required).

Do you have questions about using spa music in your business?

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